ASX Announcements

    Change in substantial holding  
    Appendix 3Y - Anna Lavelle  
    Appendix 3Y - Albert Hansen  
    Appendix 3Y - David Brookes  
    Cleansing Notice  
    Application for quotation of securities - ILA  
    Results of Annual General Meeting  
    Annual General Meeting MD Presentation  
    Annual General Meeting Chair Address  
    ISLA-101 Phase 2a clinical trial update  
    Quarterly Activity Report & Appendix 4C  
    Change in substantial holding  
    Proposed issue of securities - ILA  
    Annual Report to shareholders  
    Letter to Shareholders & Notice of Annual General Meeting  
    Change in substantial holding  
    Updated Investor Presentation  
    Release of Securities from Voluntary Escrow  
    Date of AGM & Closing Date for Director Nominations  
    Island updates API agreement  
    Appendix 4G  
    Corporate Governance Statement  
    Appendix 4E & Annual Report  
    Griffith Uni Anti-Viral Molecule Screening Collaboration  
    Change in substantial holding  
    Island granted key Australian patent for ISLA-101  
    Becoming a substantial holder  
    Quarterly Activity Report & Appendix 4C  
    Island secures API - shortens timeline to clinical trials  
    ASEAN Dengue Day - Investor briefing notification  
    Island Pharmaceuticals granted key United States patent  
    Island lists on the ASX following oversubscribed IPO  
    Island Pharmaceuticals IPO Investor Presentation  
    Appendix 3X - Anna Lavelle  
    Appendix 3X - David Brookes  
    Appendix 3X - Paul MacLeman  
    Appendix 3X - David Foster  
    Appendix 3X - Albert Hansen  
    Becoming a substantial holder  
    Becoming a substantial holder  
    Becoming a substantial holder  
    Pre-Quotation Disclosure Statement  
    Top 20 Holders  
    Distribution Schedule  
    Securities Trading Policy  
    U.S. Option Terms  
    Option Terms  
    Employee Option Terms  
    Employee Incentive Plan Rules  
    Financial Report 30 June 2020  
    Financial Report half year ended 31 December 2020  
    Isla Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Financial Report 31 Dec 20 & 19  
    Isla Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Financial Report 31 December 2018  
    Appendix 1A and Information Form and Checklist  
    Admission and Commencement of Official Quotation