Clinical programme

Island is well positioned to execute a rapid path to the clinic for ISLA-101.

Based on the significant clinical experience with ISLA-101, the Company is able to leverage publicly available information as well as data from a previously filed IND in the US to expedite its path into the clinic.

Based on the trial design, the Company is collaborating with the State University of New York (SUNY) Upstate in Syracuse for a Phase II Clinical Trial when the IND is authorised by the FDA.

The Company will be pursuing a prophylactic study in a DHIM in which healthy subjects are infected with an attenuated dengue virus and infection is studied in a controlled setting. This cutting-edge trial design provides significant competitive advantages, including the low number of subjects needed and the ability to control variables with strict enrolment criteria.

In addition to the Company’s lead program, it has research collaborations aimed at developing a robust anti-viral drug repurposing pipeline.



Infectious Disease expert Prof. Stephen Thomas MD, explains what is a Human Challenge Trial.  

Detailing how volunteers are set to be experimentally infected with a weakened form of the virus to analyse the impact and to assess the development of a drug or vaccine. 

Human challenge trials are regarded by some as a faster way to develop new drugs and vaccines.